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Why RareCan

Our vision is to make rare cancers curable

Why RareCan

Focussed on the needs of people with rare cancer

People affected by rare cancer are at the heart of all that we do. RareCan gives its members the opportunity to volunteer to take part in research which can truly make a difference.

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Rarer cancers and their


Rarer cancers are actually quite common – and yet have worse outcomes than more common cancers.

Cancers with an incidence of less than 60 per million are defined as ‘rare’. They represent about a fifth of all cases of cancer presenting in the UK..

This group of rarer cancers includes over 180 different tumour types.

Overall these rarer cancers have a significantly worse 5-year survival rate compared to more common cancers (47% v 65%) and over half of all cancer deaths result from rarer forms of cancer.

For more information, see – Rare cancers are not so rare: The rare cancer burden in Europe: Gatta et al. EJC 47 (2011)

Rare Cancer Outcomes

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Together we can make rare cancers curable

I have a cancer diagnosis

If you have a cancer diagnosis or you are the parent of a child with a cancer diagnosis, please start here.

I'm a supporter

If you’re a friend or family member of someone with cancer, a nurse, an oncologist, an activist, a fundraiser or you’d simply like to help, please start here.

I'm a researcher

If you are interested in setting up a research project or clinical trial aimed at improving the care people affected by rare cancer receive please start here