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Congratulations to Jayne Bressington, PAWS-GIST’s representative for the JustGiving Outstanding Commitment Award.

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Jayne’s Story

In 2010, Jayne’s world changed forever.

Her 15-year-old daughter, Eve, was rushed to the hospital to remove a mysterious abdominal mass. The diagnosis revealed a rare form of cancer: Wild Type GIST. Remarkably, this cancer is even rarer in young people, and at the time, no specialists in the UK focused on Paediatric Wild Type GIST.

Since her daughter’s diagnosis, Jayne has made it her life’s mission to improve treatments for GIST cancer patients.

Having met with a dedicated medical team in America, she sought hope and solutions. Eve, described as beautiful, brave, clever, and kind, fought valiantly. But tragically, she passed away in March 2018.

Since 2010, Jayne has gone on to establish a specialist PAWS-GIST clinic in the UK working with Dr Ramesh Bulusu and attracted donations of over £500,000 for PAWS GIST research to find a cure, better treatments and to support patients.

Jayne’s JustGiving page