Industry & Academia

Sample Provision

We supply tissue samples and derived products +/- matched clinical data

RareCan has an NHS ethics-approved BioResource through which we coordinate the collection of fresh-frozen or formalin-fixed tissue samples from NHS Trusts or other biobanks; and partnerships in place with 3rd parties through which we offer histology processing and analysis, detailed image analysis, whole genome and/or panel sequencing of tumour and normal DNA.

Clinical Data

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Identify, screen and recruit individuals to clinical trials

RareCan is building a community of people with rare cancers through marketing and partnerships with charities, support groups and NHS trusts.  We characterise our members to screen for inclusion (histologically validated diagnosis, tumour genetics) and exclusion (general health data, disease status and treatments)

We support recruitment to trials through our membership database and delivering trial specific patient identification and marketing campaigns.

Clinical Trial Cohort

Identify, screen and select whole cohorts for clinical trials

As our membership grows we will increasingly be able to identify, screen and select entire trial cohorts from within our well-characterised membership database.  Depending on size of cohort required, we are currently able to offer this service for patients with GIST.

We can also partner to support creation of new populations of members targeting particular cancer types.

If you would like to discuss any of our services with use, please us the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.