• Previous companies listed include Monzo, Deliveroo, and HelloFreshRareCan listed on Annual Index of Disruptive UK Startups
  • This year’s listees have collectively raised £2.5 billion in finance


People diagnosed with rarer forms of cancer are 50% more likely to die within 5 years than those diagnosed with a common cancer.  So disruption is urgently needed to speed up how new treatments are brought to market for rare cancers.

Vicky Rockingham, a patient with rare cancer, says, “RareCan will drive more research into rare cancers, and hopefully help to make new treatments available more quickly.”

RareCan, the UK’s only healthtech company specialising in supporting patients with rare cancers has been recognised as one  of the 100 most disruptive and innovative small businesses in the UK in the 2023 Startups 100.

For the 15th year, Startups.co.uk has identified which UK businesses launched in the last five years are making waves. The list showcases the best of British innovation and entrepreneurship.

Based in the North East of England,  RareCan connects people with rarer forms of cancer to the resources and tools they need to understand and manage their lives with rare cancers.  RareCan is creating a platform to accelerate research and clinical trials into these rare cancers, with the aim of improving outcomes and survival.  

Piers Kotting, founder and CEO of RareCan, says, “We are delighted to have been listed in the Startups 100 for 2023 and it signifies a fantastic start to what we anticipate will be an exciting year – launching internationally and raising our 3rd round of investment  Together, we can increase the number of options and opportunities for patients with rare cancers. Something we need to do urgently.”  .

Editor of Startups.co.uk Richard Parris says: “The 2023 Startups 100 shows businesses don’t have to sacrifice profits to have purpose. Against a backdrop of gloomy global events we can see UK entrepreneurs creating new ventures that not only create jobs but also make a real difference to the world around them – I think this is the inspiration we all need to take into the year ahead.”