We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration between RareCan and Sarcoma UK, marking another significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to advance rare cancer research.

One of the most significant challenges in rare cancer research is finding a sufficient number of patients with specific diagnoses to form meaningful study cohorts. Partnerships with organisations such as Sarcoma UK are vital to addressing this challenge and will help facilitate the creation of large and diverse cohorts of individuals diagnosed with sarcoma. These cohorts will serve as invaluable resources for researchers, making it easier to find participants for clinical trials and other research.

Rare and less common cancers, including sarcoma, account for almost a quarter of all cancer cases in the UK. Giving the 5,300 people diagnosed with a sarcoma every year the opportunity to be found in one place means that it will be quicker for researchers to find cohorts of the same cancer type and it will give those patients who are interested the possibility of access to clinical trials.

Piers Kotting, RareCan CEO says, “We are thrilled to be working with Sarcoma UK to help us drive our membership. We regularly refer RareCan members to Sarcoma UK and other charity networks so that they get the valuable support they may need at various points following their cancer diagnosis. Being a member of RareCan enables those who want to participate in research to connect with researchers and help accelerate research.”

Sarah Kingsmill, Information & Content Manager at Sarcoma UK agrees, “There are only a limited number of sarcoma clinical trials open at any one time. At Sarcoma UK, we want to ensure that all patients have access to clinical trials where possible. By working with RareCan, we hope to build cohorts to accelerate research that will benefit the sarcoma community in the future.”

Sarcoma UK is now one of the biggest funders of sarcoma research in the UK, having invested more than £5 million to 74 research projects to date. The charity has helped more than 3,200 individuals through support services an average of three times since it launched it in February 2016. Sarcoma UK relies on generous voluntary donations and the energy and imagination of its tireless fundraisers.

If you have a Sarcoma, or any other type of rare cancer please consider joining our growing RareCan community and help us accelerate research today.

Sarcoma UK Support Line experts are here for every person affected by sarcoma. Talk to us or email for information and support.

Phone: 0808 801 0401

Email: supportline@sarcoma.org.uk