RareCan launches crowdfunding campaign

By RareCan Team on 21st June 2022

RareCan, a direct-to-patient clinical trial recruitment platform bringing together the power of patients and their data to reduce the costs of cancer trials for the global pharmaceutical industry, has today launched a crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube to support the delivery of their long term strategy and accelerate research into rare cancer.  

RareCan is bringing together a wealth of clinical, histological and genetic data about its members which presents huge opportunities to leverage advances in data science and machine learning to reduce the cost and increase the speed of delivering clinical trials in increasingly stratified groups of patients. 

Based in the heart of Northumberland, RareCan is working in partnership with the Newcastle NHS Trust, Newcastle University and Teesside University. It already has its first research project underway, analysing genetic data to help accelerate research into rare cancer.  Plans are also in place to grow RareCans charity partnerships, building on those already established with GIST Cancer UK and Blood Cancer UK.

As RareCan seeks to deliver its strategic plan over the course of the next 12 months, the crowdfunding campaign will enable the company to grow its team, accelerate its membership growth and build out its data platform.  More information on the fundraising is available here.

‘The decision to grow our business through equity crowdfunding is completely aligned to our social purpose: Raising funds through crowdfunding both expands our investor base and gets the word out about the important work we are doing. The more people with cancer we help to take part in trials, the more valuable we are to people with cancer, our clients and our investors.’

Piers Kotting, RareCan co-founder and CEO