RareCan and NovoPath Partnership

Analysing samples from tumours lies at the heart of the discovery of new forms of treatment for cancer. Rare Cancers are not an exception to this rule and one of the key objectives of RareCan is to help research teams access samples donated by patients so that they can identify new drug targets.

For further information, please visit https://www.novopath.co.uk/collaboration-between-rarecan-and-molecular-pathology-node/

Newcastle Pathology Node Partnership

‘Our main aim in NovoPath is to improve health and well-being through the delivery, innovation and promotion of precision diagnostics for precision medicine.  We are thrilled to be part of a long-term collaboration with RareCan in order to improve access to diagnostics for enhanced patient care in the 21st century’.

Professor Alastair Burt from NovoPath

‘Preparing samples for research is a critical link in this process and having access to the state-of-the art equipment and expertise for sample preparation available in the Newcastle Molecular Pathology Node will give us essential support in our patient-led initiative to accelerate research into the causes and treatment of rare cancers’.

Professor Andy Hall from RareCan