PAWS GIST & GIST Cancer UK Partnership

A couple of weeks ago we announced our collaboration with PAWS GIST and GIST Cancer UK.

This collaboration, and others like it, will help us to involve people with rare cancers in shaping how RareCan will work. They will give us feedback on the quality of the information we offer and help us to improve upon it for future members. This feedback will also help us to identify any barriers that might exist in accessing the health information and tissue samples held by the NHS on the type of cancer they have. This concept of co-design is central to our ethos as a company.

In addition, the collaboration will lead to the assembly of a cohort of people which will be of interest to scientists and doctors with new ideas which could improve the way in which PAWS-GIST and GIST are diagnosed and treated.

We have also established a partnership with the Newcastle Pathology Node which will enable us to collect samples from patients diagnosed with rare cancers anywhere in the UK and to process them for a range of scientific tests. This will include making thin sections to examine under the microscope and extracts of DNA – the genetic code of the cell which is often damaged in cancer. These processed samples are of great value in identifying new targets for treatment.


We are proud to be working with such wonderful communities and are extremely grateful for the tremendous support and feedback they’ve given us already.