Mandashi Invests in RareCan

We urgently need to increase treatment options and improve outcomes for people with rare cancer.

At RareCan, we are working with our members to help develop our rare cancer community and our investors are key in helping us make that happen.

RareCan CEO Piers Kotting says, ‘With the investment from Mandashi, RareCan is using technology to help put patients, who are willing to take part in trials, in front of researchers. By working together, we have the opportunity to accelerate improvements in treatment and make a positive difference to rare cancer outcomes for everyone.’

‘We were really impressed with the vision and goals of Rarecan, and also with the team who are both extremely experienced in their fields, but also very committed to the success of Rarecan. As investors it is the quality of the people that make the businesses we invest in successful, and that quality shines through within Rarecan’

Dr Andy Evans, Director at Mandashi