RareCan’s NHS ethics approved BioResource enables us to collect, process, analyse and store our members tumour and blood samples.

We are not creating a ‘bio bank’, building up a big resource of stored samples. Rather we are focussed on providing tailored solutions to support our clients in both preclinical programmes (e.g. identification and validation of novel drug targets or biomarkers) and clinical programmes (e.g. screening for specific target mutations).


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Samples we work with


  • Slides
  • Tissue microarrays

Fresh tissue

(Where histological diagnosis precedes surgical resection)


  • ctDNA

Derived materials and data available

Digital images of H&E stained sections

Immunohistochemistry data

Extracted DNA

DNA sequencing data

Matched clinical data

Diagnosis & comorbidities

Longitudinal treatment & symptom data

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMS)

Our partners

We collaborate with partners across the healthcare system to support patients with rare cancers.

NHS Newcastle
Cancer Research Horizons
Testicular Cancer UK
Neuroendocrine Cancer
Sarcoma UK
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