RareCan BioResource Application for Samples

Approval has been obtained from the Fulham NHS Research Ethics Committee to perform research on samples collected as part of the RareCan Bioresource without the need to obtain specific consent for individual projects.

It is a condition of this approval that details of the projects included are submitted to the NHS Research Ethics Committee as part of an annual report for review to ensure that they fall within the remit described in the ethics application (available on request). In order to do this please complete the sections below. Applications will be considered by an independent access committee in order to ensure that the work proposed does not duplicate ongoing studies, is adequately funded and has a reasonable prospect of producing meaningful results. Every effort will made to decide on the suitability of projects within 4-6 weeks. If access to samples is denied the reasons for this will be explained in writing.

Please note that results of laboratory investigations covered by this protocol specifically exclude any which would be used to influence the treatment of individual patients.

Please complete our Google Form to apply.