Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours (MPNST)

Also known as:

  • Malignant Schwannoma
  • Neurofibrosarcoma
  • Neurosarcoma
  • Schwannoma Carcinoma

What is MPNST?

A malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) is a type of rare cancer that develops in the connective tissue that surrounds nerves. Because of its behaviour and origin, it is classed as a sarcoma.

MPNST is also known as Schwannoma carcinoma, malignant Schwannoma, neurosarcoma and neurofibrosarcoma.

How rare are malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours?

MPNSTs occur in 0.001% of the general population which makes them quite rare. Although rare, they are one of the most common soft tissue sarcomas in children.

Who does MPNST affect?

MPNSTs mainly affect adults but children can get them too. About half of all cases of Malignant Nerve Sheath Tumours are diagnosed in people who have Neurofibromatosis, which is a group of conditions in which tumours grow in the nervous system.

Why is RareCan interested in MPNST and neurofibrosarcoma?

RareCan is working to accelerate research into multiple myeloma by making it easier for researchers to connect with people who have this rare form of cancer. You can help us do this by becoming a RareCan member and sharing information with us about your myeloma diagnosis. We will then get in touch with you about any research opportunities that might be suitable for you.

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